Microbiota Biotechnology Systems Education Software Consultancy R&D Industry and Trade Ltd. Şti. It was established in Eskişehir Technology Development Zone in 2015. Microbiota; It is a company that aims to meet the needs of the country in the fields of health, agriculture, environment and industrial biotechnology and to bring biotechnological products with high added value to our country's export product range. In this context, with the project he presented in the field of industrial biotechnology, it was supported by the KOSGEB R&D Innovation Program during the company establishment process.


Microbiota works on the production and process development of microbial-based industrially important microorganisms and their metabolites in order to increase the efficiency of industrial processes and transform them into environmentally friendly processes. The field of bioeconomics, which includes the development of products for increasing the productivity of agricultural processes in our country and environmentally friendly solutions against agricultural damages, is also among the priority work areas of Microbiota.


Microbiota; Microbiological Methods, Tracking and Development of Fermentation Processes, Basic and advanced Molecular Biology Techniques also meet the training services required by the sector with expert teams. In addition to all these R&D and training activities, our organization provides project consultancy, technical and scientific consultancy services.


In order to increase the speed of the developing industry in our country, it is essential for the R&D culture to become widespread and for the innovative ideas to come to life with the right R&D teams. With this approach, two R&D personnel specialized in Basic and Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology and Biosecurity are employed in our organization. Our qualified research team continues its activities in our R&D laboratories with sufficient technological infrastructure to develop projects in the field of biotechnology.


Microbiota, knowledge of the product by converting to Turkey and the world to produce a new generation of environmentally friendly and reliable technologies; aims to find a place in the biotechnology market. As microbiota, we have set ourselves the goal of reaching from the world of microorganisms to the universe whose boundaries cannot be drawn, from the micro cosmos to the macro cosmos and ultimately to the human being.

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